UPD.: WWFF logs are accepted and uploaded into WWFF Logsearch for:

  • R9LY — for
    RFF-0299 (Kunovatsky zakaznik, YaNAO, 18-19.II.2018)

  • RZ9SFF — for
    RFF-0067 (Orenburgsky zapovednik, 15-16.VII.2016),
    RFF-0398 (Shaitan-Tau zapovednik, 16-19.VII.2016) и
    RFF-0446 (Botanical Garden of Orenburg State University, 14-15.VII.2016) by team of R9SD, R9SN, RA3AKF, RC8SC, RU9SO, RW9TP, UA3DUV and UA9SIV.

  • UA6BFE — for
    RFF-0041 (Kavkazsky zapovednik, 22.X.2017)

  • RD2A — for
    RFF-0507 (Zubtsovsky zakaznik I, 17.I.2018)

Note, if you keep, but still did not uploaded for some reason, logs for activating RFF references since July 2008 into the WWFF logsearch, and you have according proofs, those logs still can be accepted for WWFF and can be uploaded to WWFF Logsearch.

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