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Trying SO-50

21 дек 2016 12:01 #1 от JH1DIS
JH1DIS создал тему: Trying SO-50
Today Orbit of SO-50 became in the daytime.(The Far East)
AOS 15:28 local time.
I was called from JA6, but fail in QRM of FM Mobil.

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21 дек 2016 20:12 #2 от RN3ANT
RN3ANT ответил в теме Trying SO-50
Hello, Yoshio.

Was it your one of first trials?

Nice RIG, but… If I considered correctly, your antenna installation is rigidly fixed only for horizontal polarization.

My little experience with SO-50 QSO's says that most of my correspondents were heard better if the antenna is oriented for vertical polarization. Rotating to the horizontal polarization often leads to total loss of the signal (opposite case is possible too).

Men should be able to change the polarization from horizontal to vertical (including any in-between antenna position) = rotate directly in so much as correspondent will sound better.

73! Vit

73! Vit, RN3ANT
21 дек 2016 22:38 #3 от JH1DIS
JH1DIS ответил в теме Trying SO-50
Hi Vit Thanks for the advice.
This is the second time. The first time is NO QSO with AO - 85.

Next time try vertical and horizontal by hand. Well This antenna weighs 1.5 kg. I feel tired to hold it .
So It is necessary to train the muscular strength of the arm!!! LOL

What kind of antenna do you use?

There is a freeway in the neighborhood riverbed, Yesterday it was Mobil FM's QRM due to traffic jam.

de JH1DIS Yoshio
22 дек 2016 00:20 - 22 дек 2016 00:27 #4 от RN3ANT
RN3ANT ответил в теме Trying SO-50

JH1DIS пишет: This antenna weighs 1.5 kg

Yes, Yoshio! You should be a weightlifter in order to manage your antenna in hands during whole pass of a satellite )))

I use portable folding lightweight 3+4 elements Yagi. It weights approx. 370 g. Lenght is 32 cm between first director and last reflector and whole lenght of the boom is 50 cm including a haft.

You can see this antenna on a few photos below:

twillight. Waiting for a pass of SO-50. It will raise over there.

Stan UA3LMR is ready for a pass

«I've catched it!»

73! Vit, RN3ANT
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22 дек 2016 05:00 #5 от UA3LMR
UA3LMR ответил в теме Trying SO-50
Hi Yoshio san,
Vit RN3ANT is right - you need try exchange polarization. And, do not forgot about Dopler effects!
My tecnique for SAT you can look here:

23 дек 2016 06:34 #6 от JH1DIS
JH1DIS ответил в теме Trying SO-50
Hello Vyacheslav san
Thanks for the advice. I also consider the Doppler effect. Video was helpful.
Thank you very much.
I will try again this weekend.

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23 дек 2016 06:39 #7 от JH1DIS
JH1DIS ответил в теме Trying SO-50
It is a light antenna. Very helpful. Thank you very much.
Now I am exchanging for a light boom.