QRP activation in a forest 02.01.2017

QRP activation in a forest 02.01.2017

Reportage #1

Fixed portable activation on 02.01.2017
Location: Vodno Mountain
Operating position in a forest.
Guerrilla Portable Style: non-motorized access to the location, seating on the ground, tree limb as vertical wire support, four ground radials.
Answered to CQ call of R2ABT near the QRP frequency but he didn't copy me.
The activation lasted only half an hour.

Elecraft K1 @ 5 W
12V - 1,3 Ah battery
Bulldog mini paddle
14 MHz wire vertical with 4 ground radials
Total weight +/- 1.5 kg

Beaches on the air activation 05.01.2017
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