A full list of territories for “R-150-S” award can be found at http://news.srr.ru/dx-menam/diplomy/diplom-r-150-s-2/

Territory nameContinentPresence of SPNA Call signs
1RussiaEurope/AsiayesR, UA-UI
2AntarcticaAntarcticayesR1AN, KC4
3Gogland Isl.Europeno, prospectiveR1C
4Franz Josef Land & Victoria Isl.EuropeyesR1FJ, R1O
5Karelia, RepublicEuropeyesR1N
6Novaya Zemlya Isl.EuropeyesR1O
7Solovets Isl.EuropeyesR1O
8Kolguev Isl.Europeno, prospectiveR1P
9Kaliningrad RegionEuropeyesR2F
10The tract of Medvezhye-Sankovo, Bryansk RegionEuropenoR3Y
11Marij El, RepublicEuropeyesR4S
12Tatarstan, RepublicEuropeyesR4P
13Mordovia, RepublicEuropeyesR4U
14Udmurtia, RepublicEuropeyesR4W
15Chuvashia, RepublicEuropeyesR4Y
16Karachaevo-Cherkesia, RepublicEuropeyesR6E
17Kalmykia, RepublicEuropeyesR6I
18Severnaya Osetia – Alania, RepublicEuropeyesR6J
19Crimea, RepublicEuropeyesR6K
20Chechnya, RepublicEuropeyesR6P
21Ingushetia, RepublicEuropeyesR6Q
22Dagestan, RepublicEuropeyesR6W
23Kabardino-Balkaria, RepublicEuropeyesR6X
24Adygeya, RepublicEuropeyesR6Y
25Bashkortostan, RepublicEuropeyesR9W
26Komi, RepublicEuropeyesR9X
27Altay, RepublicAsiayesR9Z
28Severnaya Zemlya ArchipelagoAsiayesR0B
29Sibiryakova Isl.AsiayesR0B
30Ushakova & Vise Isl.AsianoR0B
31Iony Isl.AsiayesR0C
32Menshikova Isl.AsianoR0C
33Kuril Isl.AsiayesR0F
34Monron Isl.AsiayesR0F
35Wrangel Isl.AsiayesR0K
36Ratmanova (Big Diomid) Isl.AsianoR0K
37Buryatiya, RepublicAsiayesR0O
38Sakha (Yakutiya), RepublicAsiayesR0Q
39Medwezhii Isl.AsiayesR0Q
40Novosibirsk Isl.AsiayesR0Q
41Peschanyj Isl.AsiayesR0Q
42Khakassiya, RepublicAsiayesR0W
43Karaginskij Isl.AsianoR0X
44Tyva, RepublicAsiayesR0Y
45Komandorskie Isl.AsiayesR0Z

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Appendix 2. Territories of the Russian Federation and their designations based on the “R-150-S” award's list

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