The results of the radio amateurs activity under the RFF (Russian Flora and Fauna) program in 2018 have been summed up.

27 individual operators went outdoors 81 times during the year in order to activate 45 RFF-references, and conducted a total of 21’144 QSOs with 10’750 correspondents.

Also 3 teams conducted 23’229 QSO from three RFF-references:

RI0B from RFF-0015 — 21’324 QSO;
RK9LWZ from RFF-0372 — 1’564 QSO;
RY3Y from RFF-0262 — 341 QSO.

Thus, 27 individual operators and 3 teams have activated 48 RFF-references and conducted in total 44’373 QSOs with 14’773 correspondents during 2018.

It should to note, not all of these 14 thousand correspondents were interested exactly to contact RFF-reference. IOTA hunters (call sign RI0B sounded from 4 rarest, hard-to-reach IOTAs in arctic Kara Sea, RK1OWA/p and RZ1OA/p were very active from IOTA EU-066, Solovetsky Islands in White Sea), and hunters for Antarctica (RI1ANO and RI50ANO were often sounding from Bellingshausen antarctic base, also IOTA AN-010) conducted a significant part of these QSOs. No doubt, there were also RDA hunters and there were just random QSOs.

It can suppose, QSOs with 1–2–3…, even with 4 RFF-references, may well be random, but QSOs with 5 or more RFF-references most likely already indicate some operator's interest for “Flora & Fauna” programs, whether WWFF in general or RFF in particular. We counted 537 such correspondents with 5 or more RFF-references in 2018, they conducted 4’798 QSO excluding another duplicated QSOs with the same RFF-reference. Let's see what will happen on 2019 results.

The top 10 individual activators and hunters by the number of credited RFF-references look like this:

activators hunters all over the world hunters in russia
place call sign refs. place call sign refs. place call sign refs.
1 OH2IO 11 1 IZ2BHQ 38 1 UA4PKN 28
UA3LMR 11 2 UT5PI 36 2 RW4PP 27
RN3ANT 8 3–4 I5FLN 35 3 UA4NBA 22
2–3 R7KFF 4 3–4 OH6RP 35 4 R6LZ 20
2–3 UA4AVN 4 5 UR7ET 34 5 R9AB 17
4–6 R4ACU 3 6 OH3GZ 33 6–8 R4AN 16
4–6 RC8SC 3 7 DF1YQ 31 6–8 R6AC 16
4–6 UA3LDU 3 8 DL2ND 29 6–8 RA9AJ 16
7–9 R3YC 2 9–11 9A1AA 28 9–10 RW4HB 14
7–9 RU9SO 2 9–11 UA4PKN 28 9–10 UA6HGY 14
7–9 UA3FQ 2 9–11 YO6LB 28

The best hunter and best activator of 2018 are awarded with commemorative prizes. Activators and hunters, who took the II and III places, are awarded with commemorative certificates.
Russian hunters, who took I–III places, also are awarded with commemorative certificates.

Commemorative prizes for the best RFF hunter and RFF activator

Commemorative certificates for the rating leaders
Commemorative certificates were departed to the leaders of the rating following by the prizes

Since the beginning of 2019 we start to maintain a Rating of RFF activators and hunters in the categories:

  • individual activators by the number of RFF-references activated during the year;
  • all over the World hunters by the number of RFF-references credited for the year;
  • Russian hunters by the number of RFF-references credited for the year.

RFF Rating 2024
RFF Rating 2023. Results
RFF Rating 2022. Results
RFF Rating 2021. Results
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RFF Rating 2019. Results
Rules of RFF activators and hunters Rating


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