UE10RFF@RFF-075. VIII, 2013. Yaesu FT-897 + PA Ameritron AL-811H, antenna G5RV
UE10RFF@RFF-075. VIII, 2013. Yaesu FT-897 + PA Ameritron AL-811H, antenna G5RV

WWFF, World Wide Flora & Fauna in Amateur Radio, is encouraging to leave your shack and go outside portable operating in protected nature parks all over the world SPNAs — reserves, national parks, nature monuments around the world.

More than 20.000 protected nature parks world wide are already registered in WWFF Directory. Hunters and Activators can apply for colorful awards, global and national.

The participating national Flora & Fauna programs use roughly the same rules. For countries without national program the WWFF Committee has drafted a set of standard rules.

However, the national rules have priority over these rules — so always check the national rules before you activate a WWFF reference. But, more often than not, they differ only in minor variations that are relevant only to activators.

There are not any special rules for Russian Flora & Fauna (RFF) now, everything fits into the general WWFF rules, which can be found on the WWFF website.

In essence, all these rules boils down to a few simple propositions:

  • you can participate in the WWFF program as a “Hunter” and as an “Activator”. Activators are HAM radio amateurs who are active on air from territories of SPNAs. Hunters are the HAM radio amateurs who contact with Activators. Any radio amateur can act either as a hunter and as an activator;
  • as an activator, you yourself and all the equipment that you use — a transceiver, a power supply, antennas, etc. — should be within the boundaries of the SPNA;
  • being in a SPNA that is a part of or located within the boundaries of a SPNA of a larger size, you activate only this smaller territory and you can use only its reference number;
  • the WWFF activity is valid only from SPNAs registered in the WWFF Directory and assigned a unique reference number *. These numbers look like RFF-nnnn (a unique four-digit number) for Russia;
  • in order to the reference was credited to the activator for awards, ratings, etc., he have to make at least 44 QSO from the reference (the reference will be counted for hunters regardless of the number of QSOs made by the activator). It is not necessary to make these QSO during the only one activation, activator can increase it for unlimited number of times;
  • references are automatically credited to both activators and hunters only on the basis of activator logs sent along with proofs to national log manager, who uploads them to the WWFF Logsearch database on the wwff.co wwff.co website after checking;
  • each reference is counted for hunters only once for global awards regardless of the date, band, mode or power. There may be options for national awards;
  • QSO are valid if made by any legal output power, any mode on any radio amateur bands. QSO via repeaters (except satellites), Echolink, etc. are not valid for WWFF and RFF.

“Make nature your shack!” — Intro
Some Hints
Confirmation of an Activation
How to prepare a log for RFF activation properly
GPS tracks. What, how and why
How to obtain WWFF awards
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