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WWFF Team would like to invite all WWFF Activators and Hunters to participate in “The WWFF August Activity Month”:

The activity event will start on Tuesday, August 1st at 00:01 UTC and finish on Tuesday, August 31st at 23:59 UTC.

WWFF Activators are invited to aired from as many as possible WWFF areas.

A big oppertunity for our hunters to work new WWFF areas and increase their scores.

We recommend for all Activators to use the WWFF Agenda and the WWFF Facebook Group to inform the WWFF Hunter community about their plans.

After each activity the Activators have to send their logs to the log manager, responsible for the areas they activated.

The deadline for sending logs to count towards this special event is September 9th.

To facilitate the special award processing we ask the activators — especially when using vanity/special event calls or group calls — to make sure the «;operator» field in their logs is populated with their home callsign.

The log uploaders then have a week to check and upload the logs. By September 16th we will start generating the awards and ranklists based on the available data in WWFF LogSearch.

Participation Awards

On September 16th WWFF will publish awards for Activators and Hunters.


For activating WWFF references during “The WWFF August Activity Month“ activators should cummulate at least 220 QSOs from valid WWFF reference(s).


For hunting WWFF references during The WWFF August Activity Month:

  • One more star for each 44 WWFF references hunted!!!
  • 6 Stars — 264 WWFF references hunted
  • 5 Stars — 220 WWFF references hunted
  • 4 Stars — 176 WWFF references hunted
  • 3 Stars — 132 WWFF references hunted
  • 2 Stars — 88 WWFF references hunted
  • 1 Star — 44 WWFF references hunted
  • Half Star — 22 WWFF references hunted
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