Outdoor QRP AG does not lead the “Field Flowers” outdoor QRP Marathon in the current 2018, and is partially reoriented for the leading of "Russian Flora and Fauna" (RFF) — the Russian part of the international WWFF awards program. Therefore, the structure of the website obtains some changes.

A new Section — RUSSIAN FLORA & FAUNA has been created for the "Russian Flora & Fauna" program (RFF).

The BLOGS Section, accessible directly from the main menu of the website, publishes stories and notes of authorized users under the categories “Russian Flora and Fauna” and “QRP equipment”.

Everything related to Outdoor QRP Marathons of past years — rules, results, votes, blogs (Marathon archive), etc. — still can be found on our website, but it moved under the QRP MARATHON item of the website main menu.

The FORUM is still available to all visitors for reading, as well as for creating new and discussing existing topics by all authorized users of the site.

Outdoor QRP AG awards program for fans of outdoor QRP will be redesigned and will appear again on the website later. Stay in touch.

Accounts of registered users, who have never been authorized on the website since December 1, 2017, will be deleted on February 20. Accordingly, our email-mailings to their addresses will stop coming.

Generally speaking, registration is needed only for those radio amateurs who want to publicate something on blogs, making an announcement in the Calendar by themselves, comment articles, or participate in discussions on the forum. If you no need this, you no need to register on the site. You can read everything without authorization.
If you want to read our newsletters — you can just subscribe without any registrations.

The results of the “Field Flowers 2017” outdoor QRP Marathon will be published in the coming days.

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