The “Fast Log Entry” (FLE) is updated. Current version is 2.12.
Now you can specify not only the band, but also the frequency.

The documentation of new FLE is already translated to Russian.

Results of “Field Flowers” outdoor QRP Marathon 2017 are published. Ranking tables are updated in accordance with the latest received logs.

Outdoor QRP AG does not lead the “Field Flowers” outdoor QRP Marathon in the current 2018, and is partially reoriented for the leading of "Russian Flora and Fauna" (RFF) — the Russian part of the international WWFF awards program. Therefore, the structure of the website obtains some changes.

Thank you very much to all participants and fans of the “Field Flowers 2017” QRP Marathon

The last December reports are accepted until January 7, 2018 inclusive.
Applications for a competition for most distant QSO are accepted until January 10 inclusive.
In order for your report to be included in the last joint vote for November-December, it must be published until January 10 inclusive.

The final results of the “Field Flowers 2017” outdoor QRP Marathon will be announced after the completion of this vote. Awards to the winners of the Marathon will be sent out in February 2018.

Happy New Year! All the best to you in 2018!
Outdoor QRP Activity Group