Voting for the best reportages of March

Online voting for the best reportages (blog posts) of Febuary — is started and will continue until 23:59 UTC on April, 30.

The voting form is available through the new menu item:
QRP MARATHON > Voting for the best reportage of the month > March

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R2017F Special Event Callsign and “Ecosphere” Award

R2017F will be active from May 1 to July 31, 2017 only from the territory of various specially protected natural areas (-#### according to the RFF, WFF and award programs) using only QRP-power on different bands and different modes in accordance with the Rules of the “Field Flowers” outdoor QRP Marathon.

Details are in “R2017F” Section on our web site.

The special short term “Ecosphere” Award is established for all radio amateurs of the world. It will be issued for QSOs with R2017F and with participants of the “Field Flowers” outdoor QRP Marathon.

More details about the terms of the“Ecosphere” Award are in the “Awards” Section on our web site.

"Spring Rills" seasonal activity days are completed

The results of the "Spring Rills" seasonal activity days held from March, 31 to Apri,l 2 are summarized.

Winners have got bonus points in accordance with the Rules of the Marathon. All participants of the Activity days will get remembrance electronic certificates by e-mail.

Details are on the page of seasonal Activity Days.

Results of “Field Flowers” outdoor QRP Marathon in 2016. Awarding

The “Field Flowers” QRP Marathon in 2016 was attended by 58 hams from 7 countries (ES, EW, JA, LZ, UA, UR, Z3). Moreover, the number of participants was growing from month to month. Of a total of 39 stations continuously participated in the Marathon and its activities.

The Seasonal activity days were carried out four times during the year, each of them was attended outdoors by 17 to 28 QPR fans.

Marathon participants came outdoors more than 700 times, almost 500 of them — to new for themselves places. In total 8714 QSOs with all six continents has been held in the Marathon, 4442 QSO by CW, 3772 QSO by Phone modes and 500 QSO in digital modes. 488 QSO was established through SAT-repeaters.

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Refinement of the Marathon Rules, Map of places where from we are QRV etc.

  • We have refined the criteria when radio station is considered as field if placed in the parks and recreational areas within the boundaries of settlements.
    Refinement takes effect since 1 March 2017.
  • The Map is published where we periodically mark all the places from which our participants are active on air.
    Item in the main menu — “WHENCE?”
  • When announcing your outing in the calendar (“ANNOUNCEMENTS”), you can now specify the alleged place of activity on the map, using the already existing list items or create a new location.