Congratulations to everyone who cares about the RFF program on the opening of the 2024 season!

Special thanks to very first activators:
– Ulyana RY0AAN for activation of RFF-0084, Krasnoyarskie Stolby National Park;
– Valery R7KFF (who would have doubted it!) for activation of RFF-0424, "Plachushchaya Skala" Habitat Preserve area!

I hope that this year we will show noticeably more impressive results than last year.

For my part, I can announce a significant addition to our reference directory coming in the near future.

There is not enough raw data for the 2024 rating yet, I will start it when there is enough data.

I wish everyone good health, great mood, excellent propagation and many new references in the individual scores.

73 & 44! Vit, RN3ANT

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