Results of “Field Flowers” outdoor QRP Marathon in 2016. Awarding

The “Field Flowers” QRP Marathon in 2016 was attended by 58 hams from 7 countries (ES, EW, JA, LZ, UA, UR, Z3). Moreover, the number of participants was growing from month to month. Of a total of 39 stations continuously participated in the Marathon and its activities.

The Seasonal activity days were carried out four times during the year, each of them was attended outdoors by 17 to 28 QPR fans.

Marathon participants came outdoors more than 700 times, almost 500 of them — to new for themselves places. In total 8714 QSOs with all six continents has been held in the Marathon, 4442 QSO by CW, 3772 QSO by Phone modes and 500 QSO in digital modes. 488 QSO was established through SAT-repeaters.

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