UPD.26.III.2020 A week ago Thomas informed that their trip to Barneo is postponed for at least one year. Due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus, the Russian scientific drift ice camp will not take place this year.
Sorry for bad news. Hope for next, 2021 season…

On April 14–17, during their trip to the North Pole, Martina DF3TS and Thomas DC8TM will be active on air from the “Barneo” drifting ice camp as RA/DF3TS/p and RA/DC8TM/p.

RFF Rating. ThumbnailPrizes and remembrance certificates were mailed to all winners of the RFF Rating 2019 Top-10 activators and Top-44 hunters, thereby the line under the 2019 results is finally drawn.

Welcome to the year 2020. The new RFF 2020 Rating charts have already been published, anyone interested — stay tuned.

On 18–25.VII.2019 new references RFF-0916…0965 were added to the Directories on the WWFF and our web site for SPNA in 14 Entities of Russian Federation, mainly at the request of prospective local activators:

On 20–23.V.2019 new references RFF-0754…0915 were added to the Directories on the WWFF and our web site for 14 Entities of the Russian Federation (RF Entity), having each only 2 valid RFF-reference earlier:

  • Adygeya, Republic (R6Y) — 5 references;
  • Altayskiy Krai (R9Y) — 24 references;
  • Belgorodskaya oblast (R3Z) — 12 references;
  • Ingushetiya, Republic (R6Q) — alas, no new references were added;
  • Kabardino-Balkariya, Republic (R6X) — 8 references;
  • Komi, Republic (R9X) — 11 references;
  • Magadanskaya oblast (R0I) — 8 references;
  • Mariy El, Republic (R4S) — 5 references;
  • Mordovia, Republic (R4U) — alas, no new references were added;
  • Nizhegorodskaya oblast (R3T) — 17 references;
  • Novgorodskaya oblast (R1T) — 14 references;
  • Permskiy Krai (R9F) — 11 references;
  • Tyva, Republic (R0Y) — 12 references;
  • Chuvashia, Republic (R4Y) — 3 references;

…as well as, in addition to the plan,, in Stavropolskiy Krai (R6H), Bryanskaya (R3Y) and Moscow (R3D) oblasts.