New RFF references have been added to the Directories on WWFF and our website. These are RFF-1184…1406 for Specially Protected Nature Areas (SPNA) in 30 entities of Russian Federation.

Most of references were added in Krasnodarsky Krai R6A - 25.

This is followed by Krasnoyarsky Krai R0A - 24,
Volgogradsky oblast R4A - 18,
Sverdlovsky oblast R9C - 16…

Kirovsky oblast R4N - 14,
Amursky oblast R0J - 13,
Vologodsky oblast R1Q - 12,
Voronezhsky oblast R3Q - 12,
Republic of Tatarstan R4P - 11,
Nenetsky Autonomous Okrug R1P - 10.

Also few RFF-references were added to each of remaining 19 entities of the Russian Federation (R0L, R1A, R1C, R1O, R1T, R1Z, R3A, R3D, R3E, R3M, R3N, R3S, R3U, R4F, R4U, R4W, R6H, R9S, R9U), largely for protected areas created during last three years.

For the detalied list of newly added RFF references, see the RFF Directory.
For the credit boundaries of territories (GPX-files), both newly added and existing ones, please contact the RFF coordinator RN3ANT by е-mail or in the Telegram: “Russian Flora and Fauna”

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